What the heck is a First Look and should we have one?

What is a first look???  As photographers, we take for granted that everyone knows this answer, but if this is your first time getting married, you might not. 

A First Look is a special time set aside for just you and your soon-to-be husband or wife to see each other before the ceremony.  Having a first look on your wedding day can be an incredible way to reduce stress and create a more enjoyable experience for both you and your partner. Unlike a traditional wedding day where the couple is only able to see each other right before the ceremony, a first look allows them to share an intimate moment together earlier in the day when they’re both feeling relaxed and energized.

For those couples who may feel overwhelmed by the idea of being surrounded by family, friends, and strangers on their big day, having that special moment with just the two of you or with your immediate family present can be incredibly calming. This can help ease any pre-ceremony jitters and make it easier for you to stay present in the moment during the proceedings.

In addition to its stress-relieving benefits, a first look also provides a great deal of scheduling flexibility for couples who want to take advantage of the best light for photos or have time for more portrait sessions throughout their wedding day. Since the photos don’t need to wait until after the ceremony is finished, you can mix up your timeline so there’s plenty of time allotted if unexpected delays occur or if you plan on having larger bridal party photos taken. Most importantly, the flexibility in schedule will leave you open during cocktail hour to enjoy all that amazing food you paid for!

Finally, having a first look will provide some much-needed alone time together amidst all of the festivities. It’s an opportunity for you both to come together in peace and reflect on what this special day means – free from any outside stressors or distractions. When it comes down to it, a first look is simply one less thing that needs to be done in an already jam-packed schedule; which makes it even easier for couples to focus on their ultimate goal: celebrating their love!

Side note:  First Looks with anyone special in your life like your father, friends or even child can make for some really special moments.