Is an Engagement Session right for you?

Engagement sessions are an important part of the wedding photography process, and when done right, can be a fun experience for couples. Engagement photos are taken before the actual wedding day and serve as a great way to document a couple’s love story. They typically take place in a location that holds special significance to the couple or at a place they frequent often.  We have photographed couples at parks, in their homes, with their pets, in restaurants or bars, escape rooms, apple picking, hiking, etc.  You name it and we will be there.

Let’s be honest, having your photo taken can be awkward. With that said, the engagement session does not need to be done a year before the wedding, even a few weeks before can help.

Engagement pictures help couples get comfortable in front of the camera before their big day. It can be uncomfortable to have your photo taken, especially if you’re not used to it; but engagement sessions are designed to help couples feel more relaxed and natural in front of the lens.

Engagement sessions are also important for building trust between couples and photographers. Before the session begins, couples will work with their photographer to come up with creative ideas that best suit their individual style, allowing them to become comfortable with how their photographer works—learning tips for posing in different angles and lighting conditions. As a result, on the day of the wedding, there is less stress on both sides as everyone knows what to expect from one another. The comfort developed from these sessions translates into more genuine expressions from the couple when taking portraits on the wedding day.

Moreover, engagement pictures offer countless opportunities beyond just displaying them at weddings; they are perfect for sharing online or printing out custom-made wall art or albums; they make great gift ideas for family members or friends; they can also be used in pre-wedding parties such as bridal showers or bachelor/bachelorette parties; plus some couples even use them as part of their marriage vows!

In short, engagement sessions provide so many opportunities for celebration and remembrance leading up to your big day—allowing you and your partner time together while being photographed! So don’t think twice about skipping out on this important step—engagement sessions don’t just give you memorable images but meaningful memories that will last a lifetime!!

Locations shown above – Colonial Park, Somerset, NJ Amazing Escape Room, Greenbrook, NJ Giamarese Farm & Orchard East Brunswick, NJWashington Rock State Park, NJ